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Select the greater of these accuracy values. Values in parentheses apply to 1 A CT secondary rating. The per-unit pickup is based on nominal VT secondary voltage and nominal CT secondary current settings. Thisfunction can be selected as either overpower or underpower in the forward direction positive setting or reversedirection negative setting.

C37.102-1995 (R IEEE Guide for AC Generator Protection)

Element 3 can be set as real power or reactive power. This function includes aprogrammable target LED that may be disabled. Positive and negative sequence voltages are calculated in terms of line-to-line voltage when Line to Line isselected for V.

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The 59D function with VX cannot be enabled if the 25 function is enabled. Multi-purpose input that may be used for turn-to-turn stator ground protection, bus ground protection, or as anextra Phase-Phase, or Phase-Ground voltage input. A VT fuse-loss condition is detected by using the positive and negative sequence componentsof the voltages and currents. Generator Protection M- Electric Co Type DC—Direct current commutator exciters 5.

Type AC—Alternator-supplied rectifier excitation systems 6.

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Type ST—Static excitation systems 7. Power system stabilizers 8.

Overexcitation limiters 9. Underexcitation limiters Power factor and reactive power controllers and regulators Supplementary discontinuous excitation control Recommended practice for transportation of line pipe on barges and marine vessels doc 18 0. Hamilton—Jacobi—Bellman equations and dynamic programming for power-optimization of radiative law multistage heat engine system 24 0. Part 5.

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With these setting parameters, characteristic 3 corresponds to the inner circle. R, X- Plane 1.

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N, Sec. Summary The static stability limit is given by the generator capability diagram.

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This limit is closely matched by the admittance measurement. It correctly takes into consideration the influence of the generator voltage on the capability diagram. The under-excitation of both basic generator types, salient pole and turbo generator, was explained at length.

The fundamentals of the stability limit and the signals that influence it were discussed.